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KSRC New stage position

Those who have been to the club this week will have seen that KSRC have a new stage and altered the positioning of it in the river. 

This changes the angle which members might need to approach RCRC stages when returning to land, and boats launching from KSRC will be much nearer to RCRC Stages when they push off, it will also affect launch drivers exit / arrival.

Please keep a good look out at all times, especially where it is busy around the clubs. Steerers / scullers / coxes / drivers may well need adjust their approach to the landing stages and angle accordingly to avoid collision. 

Proceed slowly enough to be able to alter course if required, and when waiting to land keep on the correct side of river (opposite to club side) until the stages are clear and the path of travel is also clear from traffic. 

Please continue to be courteous with our neighbours as with all river users, and if there are any specific issues to raise please directly with Chloe at

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