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Coxing on the River Dee

Coxes are essential members of any rowing squad and courses to develop the coxing skills and train in correct procedures will be delivery by our experienced coaches, Jamie Leighton, Peter Jarvis, Stewart Gillies and Michal Palamarczuck.


Royals Summer Rowing Experience programme also encourages coxing as a vital contribution to winning races.


We have recently completed a Coxing Course details of further training T.B.A.


Who should attend:      

• All juniors 12 to 15

• Senior rowers who wish to add more details to their coaching route

• New to the sport

• Not athletic but want to be involved in a team sport


What do you get:            

• Certificate of proficiency to cox

• Part of a great club socially and sporting

• Proficiency in an extremely important role in rowing

• Become the coaches assistant and technical conveyor


Coxes win races,

Coxes encourage rowers,

Coxes we need you!

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