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General Adult Learn to Row,
all ages from 16+.


Next Courses are likely in Spring ‘24 (warm weather helps …!) -- please register your interest and share with us a little bit about yourself, using this link, click HERE.    


Future Courses will likely be 8 sessions, max. 12 attendees, Monday & Friday, over 4 weeks, minimum age 16.  Courses cover the basics of rowing and equipment and will prioritise time on the water.  The training builds up to a nail-biting race on the last session No prior experience is required but it helps to have a good base of fitness, flexibility, balance and aptitude to learn and refine a new sequence - any relevant health conditions should be advised.

NEW!!!   Learn to Cox courses -  Places for age 14+

Most rowers, sooner or later, depend on a ‘Cox’.   Beyond steering and basic commands, these highly competent individuals bring a vital difference to a crew’s training and race performance through excellent leadership and motivation skills (ie bossy, just in a good way!), helping each rower to be the best they can be on the day!  Take a look at these links to get an idea of how they make the difference HERE and also HERE.

If you're interested (or would be happy to undertake a Coxing role leading up to your Learn to Row course), we'll train you and give you guidance with our more experienced crews - in return, we'll invite you to join our indoor land training program where you'll also learn the basics of the stroke and work on your fitness (NOTE - initially, 3 places available).

For comfort and weight capacity in a boat, most coxes are  ‘compact’ - mostly under 60kg and less than 5’6” - believe me, it’s not worth squeezing in if you don’t fit!    And, coxes join for free, yes, FREE! (- if you start rowing, you revert to paying the normal rate).  IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, PLEASE CONTACT US on (or, refer a friend).

[Psst!   - If you already have prior Coxing or Rowing experience, and want to develop your skills, and want to develop in the sport, please contact us via our ‘Contact Us’ link on our Home page, HERE.

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