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We annually host a Juniors Summer Rowing Experience in July and August when boys & girls between 12 and 16 can attend regular rowing sessions.  

Were back again  for 2024

Starting Monday 22 July with new starts on Monday 29 July and 5 August. Final course starts 12 August.

Monday - Friday, 9am to 12.00.  Cost £175 per week.

Contact Sue Collins, 07485265040


The Junior Summer Learn to Row is hosted by our dedicated & experienced coaches
and helped by members of our existing rowing squads here on the river Dee in Chester.

During the weeks attendees will learn the basics of rowing knowledge and skills and forms the first part of Go Row level 1, this will include;

-      Learning about safety, on & off the water

-      Theory about being able to identify boats and equipment that you will be using

-      Learning and developing skills and technique for rowing (sculling) and coxing.


Due to the interest every year and ensuring correct staffing levels we require advance booking.  Discipline is a keen issue with us and any misbehavior cannot be tolerated, especially on the water. All participants will be expected to wash and clean boats once used and assist in placing coaching launches in the water and retrieving. Attendees MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM

What should they bring on the day?

  • Training Shoes /Socks. Shorts/ track suit bottoms/Leggings

  • T-shirt.

  • Fleece top.

  • Hat.

  • Sun cream.

  • Change of clothing.

  • Towel.

  • Water proof top.

  • Water Bottle, Drinks and Snacks.

  • MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM. Have Fun and enjoy your rowing experience.

Royal Chester Juniors

Junior rowing intake starts in September, although experienced rowers may be able to start at other times through the year. Beginners are welcome to apply but our preference is that rowers have completed Summer Rowing Experience.  All new intake must be starting school in Year 8 or above and meet minimum height requirements (to use equipment safely). Intake is limited for safety and equipment availability.




Q - Who should join Junior Summer Learn to Row? A - Any beginners age 12-16 are welcome to join Summer Rowing Experience. 


If you already have a good level of rowing experience then please get in touch with to enquire which group you could join. If you are a beginner aged 16 and over one of our Adult Learn to Row coursesmay be more suitable. 


Q - How to apply?     A - Contact Sue Collins on 07485 265040 for more information and an application form.


Have Fun and enjoy your rowing experience.



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