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Worried about something? Don't keep it to yourself!

There is someone you can turn to.

You could speak to an adult you know and trust such as a parent, a teacher, your Club Welfare Officer or your coach.


Royal Chester has a named person responsible for your welfare and she is STEPH LOACH, she can be contacted by email from the club website or by telephone.  Her phone number is on the Junior Welfare posters in the clubhouse.


If you feel you want to talk to someone else, you can call ChildLine confidentially on: 0800 11 11 or visit their website:



Here's some information about what you and your coach need to do to have fun and stay safe in rowing.



Your club is there to help you learn the sport safely and enjoy it.


What does this mean for me?

It means my coaches respecting me as a person by:

•            Treating me as an individual

•            Not bullying me to make me do things

•            Pitting my needs before winning or achieving goals

•            Explaining when they need to have physical contact with me to show me a technique in rowing

•            Not speaking to me in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable

•            Making sure equipment is safe for me to use

•            Being a good role model

•            Making rowing fun!


If you're not comfortable with physical contact you have the right to say no.

Useful links -



Just as your coach has responsibilities to make rowing fun and safe, so do you!


What does this mean for me?

This means respecting the people who are there to teach me about the sport as well as other rowers by:

•            Accepting what the coach asks me to do within the rules of rowing

•            Being prepared and on time for training and competitions

•            Doing my very best at all times

•            Not making insulting comments or swearing at the coach or other helpers at the club

•            Never bullying other rowers:  Bullying means things like name calling, hitting, shoving, stealing or damaging     belongings, spreading rumours, making threats or sending nasty texts or emails.

•            Telling my parents, carer or coach where I am or if I’m going to be late.


And not forgetting… PARENTS & HELPERS

Parents and helpers are there to support you. They should:

•            Never argue with the umpire: his/her decision is final.

•            Be enthusiastic, get involved and cheer, but not embarrass me.

•            Not take or publish photos of me without permission

•            Support me and respect everyone nearby.


Think about what you say and do on the Internet - the whole world can see your online profile, blog or photos!

Royal Chester Rowing Club Child Protection Policy


Royal Chester Rowing Club Anti Bullying declaration

RCRC follows these guidelines set by our governing body British Rowing.

Cheshire West & Cheshire Safeguarding Children Partnership

As a concerned adult you can report concerns about a child who might need protection to:

Cheshire West and Chester Safeguarding Children Partnership

During office hours    0300 123 7047      Out of hours       01244 977 277


Cheshire Police

Dedicated phone line    01244 350000      General Switchboard       0845 458 0000       Urgent Calls    999                            

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If any parent wishes to become a Junior helper they need to have a CRB Check.


All coaches and junior helper need to complete a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check it can be done easily online through British Rowing.


1. All applicants now need to submit Form WG 2.6 online via the British Rowing website:


2. This will trigger an e-mail notification to the club Child Welfare Officer (CWO), confirming an online invitation needs to be issued through the new service provider TMG CRB.


3. An e-mail will automatically be sent to the applicant, asking you to complete an online application for a Criminal Record/Barred List check.


4.  When you have completed this, you should arrange to meet with the club welfare officer to check the documentation required (proof of identity and address).


5. The CWO will verify the documents for the provider TRM who then does the search and issues the certificate via British Rowing.


6. Done.


Anyone seeking to be checked should let the RCRC CWO know in advance. Membership of British Rowing (currently £29 for non rowers) means the check will be free of charge. (The club has agreed to cover the costs for volunteers who are not members).

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