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We're back!.....again.

Those trying to follow the updates relating to the end of lockdown in England tomorrow will have seen that British Rowing has updated their documents to relate to the Tier System. In all Tier eventualities rowing outside is permitted, within the frameworks we were operating previously.

Therefore, from tomorrow the club will be back open.

I have spoken to a few of you already and there is a rough strategy to try spread out the return below:

Juniors - are starting water sessions this weekend (Bookings co-ordinated with coaches), majority of groups in afternoons, advanced small groups with Chris J booked in some mornings. Indoor group sessions are going to delay in their return until the new year, online circuit sessions on Monday afternoons online will continue to Xmas. Specific indoor sessions will occur for those who are coached by Chris Jackman and are targeting the trials process so they can continue on this path. Mel Fildes is undertaking the overall admin for the juniors with the other coaches now for info.

Seniors - Those who haven't had ergs to train at home will return to use the gym from tomorrow. Full training plan for water session starts again from this weekend (Bookings co-ordinated by coaches / captains), use of the gym for training mid-week evenings on rotational timetable will start from Monday 7th (reduced numbers and no household mixing)

Masters - Booking system will resume - the sheet for this week has been added to allow for booking water sessions from Wednesday 2nd onwards. If anyone wants to use the gym, this is also booked and is available to anyone to book outside of the peak timetabled times. We have initially retained the Weds PM slot for the masters to have as priority and we are not running Learn To Row currently so this is also available to you. Please book it on the sheet though also, as if it is not planned to be used then seniors would like the option to use weights etc (bear in mind that the restrictions on numbers are to total number of people in the gym space, not just the ergs)

Booking sheet for gym use: (note timetable on tab along the bottom)

As ever, there is no pressure to return to rowing, but if there are any specific concerns / things we could change to get your group out again, please let me know.

We are planning two 'events', which are in planning stage currently, but please consider this circulation of 'save the date':

- Pudding Races - for the juniors - afternoon of Saturday 19th December (Internal Royals only event, covid secure details TBC)

- Icicles - for adults - 11am Sunday 20th December - Grosvenor leading this year, but will be co-ordinated by all the clubs (we will not need to mix with other clubs / crews, with numbers etc from RCRC) - details being worked through currently, and best way to help planning will be early submission of crews. It is not limited to eights this year so that those groups that are down on numbers / would rather stick to smaller 'training bubbles' can be included.

If you could email indication of crews / boat preferences for icicles I can keep note and will update on further details as and when resolved, as ever, no pressure to attend, can wait a while see how you feel, scope out your crew mates, wait to hear for more details.

Thanks, Chloe

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