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Medical Details

To be completed by ALL members


Rowing and its associated training can be a strenuous activity. Therefore, you should be in good health and have no medical or physical condition precluding heavy exercise. If there is any doubt, you should first consult your doctor. Some conditions, such as asthma and diabetes, for example, do not prevent individuals participating in this sport, but you do have a duty to declare any condition that puts yourself or others at risk. It is important, therefore, that you inform coaches and crew members of any condition that they may have to deal with in the event of an emergency.

Does the applicant have any of the following conditions

Any allergies
Muscular/skeletal problems
Is the athlete on any medication?
Ear Problems
In the event of a Medical Emergency, do you permit the Club coaches/officers to act on your behalf to authorise emergency medical treatment required by a medical professional?

For juniors in the event of any problems, the Club will always first attempt to contact the junior’s parents/guardians regarding any permission required.


ADDITIONALLY if there are any other personal issues the coaches should be aware of please let them know. 

Can the athlete swim 50m fully clothed
Royal Chester Rowing Club is a not for Profit organisation. The club is managed and run solely by volunteers, it is therefore essential that members share club tasks to keep membership fees affordable PLEASE TICK ONE TASK YOU ARE WILLING TO
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