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Please complete in full all sections of this Form, ensuring that you have signed and dated sections 1 and 2, (3-Juniors).  
After submitting the forms please email to confirm.

Data Protection

The personal information that you supply will be used to help with the administration of the Club, including analysis of membership and communicating directly with members. It will be treated confidentially and will not be shared with any third party without your prior agreement. Anyone wishing to view the records, which relate to them personally, should apply in writing to the Membership Secretary.

I consent to my data being held in accordance to the Privacy Policy
Membership option please tick

Student rowing is available to students in full-time education.
Vacation rowing is available for rowing during school/university holidays.
Junior: someone who has not attained 18 years of age before 1st September preceding the start of the club's financial year (1st March).

Personal Information

Membership of the club is available on the following terms:

Membership Catergory
Annual Payment
Quarterly Payment
Monthly Payment
Rack Rent (single)
Vacation Rowing
Junior Row
Student Row
Full Row
* Members Rack Request

You will be advised of any waiting list

Membership is annual with payment in advance for the club year starting on 1st March. Annual payments should be made on the 1st March. Alternatively  quarterly/monthly payments are required on the 1st day of the quarter/month. As a concession new members joining after 1st March may pay pro-rata for each month or part month remaining in the financial year.

E.g a full rowing member joining in any time in September would pay 6 x £27.50 = £165.

Should a member resign part way through the year choose to immediately cease quarterly/monthly payments the club would not normally seek payment for the financial year. However, acceptance of any subsequent application to rejoin maybe conditional on payment of the debt due. Temporary holidays are not offered but individual requests on the grounds of significant illness, injury or hardship may be made at any time during the membership.

Family Discount Request

To qualify the family must include 1 full rowing membership. The first junior/student/vacation member pays the and the second junior/student/vacation member is free. Where a family has two or more full rowing members the first junior/student/vacation rower is free. Free membership is caped at one junior/student/vacation member. 

Will be paid

Direct payment online should be made by standing order on the 1st day of the club year/quarter/month to -

Business account name: Royal Chester Rowing Club

NatWest Bank sort code: 60-40-08

Account Number: 79936504

Put your name down as a reference but cheques payable to Royal Chester Rowing Club will be accepted.

Please note that the club subscription does not include British Rowing membership which is not required by the club but it is required and must be separately obtained to enter British Rowing competitions.

You will receive a reply to confirm whether membership has been accepted, the date of joining for payment and to put you in touch with the appropriate club captain or coach. 

Any member may resign by giving one months written notice to the membership secretary but this shall not relieve a member from liability to pay subscriptions due and other debts owing to the club.

Please sign below to confirm all the details are correct and that you agree to comply with Royal Chester Rowing Club Rules. 

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