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January 22 Update

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

It may seem like a distant memory now, but last month we enjoyed the Icicle and Pudding races. Fun was had by all racing with fellow clubmates and local clubs.

Thank you to volunteers who made it possible, in particular our Vice Captains Graham Miller and Mel Fildes who were the lead organisers.

Our competitive efforts had a wider and meaningful benefit too as the ‘race fees/contributions’ raised £216 for our nominated charity, the Chester Share Shop homeless hub. Well done everyone!

Thank you to....

Coaches Jamie Leighton and Ryan Carney and the Senior Men for hosting a breakfast event at the club, raising £120 Vice Captain, Mel Fildes for organising the Junior’s bowling trip Vice Captain, Graham Miller, for taking the lead on Icicles race Junior coaches and parents for their support at Northwich Autumn Head

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